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    Question Kyocera 7135 on MetroPCS?

    I have a Kyocera 7135 from Verizon, but it is unloacked and i have access to all the programming screens and menus. I would like to activate it on metroPC, but the idiots at the metroPCS store all parrot the same line, "you can only use a phone purchased from metroPCS with the metroPCS service". When I inquiire about why, they are all clueless, and there is no one I can reach who even knows what an ESN, SID or PRL is.

    I was wondering is there is anyone who has sucsessfully activated a 7135 with MetroPCS, and what steps you had to take to do it?

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    The reason is company policy, not technical. That being the case, there is no way to do it since YOU can't activate a phone by yourself: the company has to agree to activate a given ESN -- and they won't unless they sold it to you.
    - Paul

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