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    Microsoft Outlook 2003 Question?

    I have no "end/receive" button! I looked up in help and this is what I found:

    Microsoft Office Outlook® 2003

    When you open a new message in Outlook, you might find that the Send button on the toolbar is missing.

    For the Send button to be available, you must have an e-mail account set up in your Outlook profile. You might have chosen not to add an e-mail account when you installed Outlook or canceled the New Accounts Wizard.

    After you add an e-mail account, the Send button will be available.

    I've added 2 email accounts and I still have no button. Has anyone else run into this challenge? Any suggestions on how to fix it? I did an uninstall and then reinstalled, but it's still not working.

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    If you still have this problem the way to solve it is to open a new mail message. Click "tools" on the menu bar and select "customize". Click on the middle tab labled "Commands".
    Scroll down the Categories list on the left and select "Standard". The Send button will display on the right along with other buttons. Drag it up to the tool bar and you are set.

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    go to www.chapura.com
    and they can help u with that. but steve is right

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