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    Angry Dead Phone after Computer Modem Use

    I found something really annoying this weekend with my 7135. After using it as a modem for my laptop via the cradle the phone seems to go dead.

    I use the phone just fine as a modem - no problems. I then exit out of the FaxModem program and suddenly I get no audio on my calls. I can dial calls. I can receive calls. The problems is that I can't hear the other party, nor can they hear me. The connection is made but it's like the earpiece and mouthpiece on the phone go dead.

    I also can't turn the speakerphone on/off - very odd.

    I noticed the only way to correct this problem is to plug a headphone into the headphone jack. I can then hear calls through the headphone and when I take the headphone jack out the phone snaps back to normal - the mouthpiece/earpiece work once again and the speakerphone can be turned on/off.

    I'll admit that I haven't used my phone as a modem for months, but I never used to have this problem.

    Anyone else ever see this? How do I avoid this problem?

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    Tried a soft reset using the button in the battery compartment?

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    I tried a soft reset, a hard reset with a restore of everything from the SD card, and finally a hard reset without restoring and of the info on my card (just the apps reloaded from CMOS) - no dice.

    I also found out that this is not just a modem thing - ANYTIME I put it into the cradle it dose the same thing.

    My final analysis is that this is a hardware issue so I am having Verizon send me a new unit. Very bizzare.

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