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    Alltel replacement

    OK, here's the dilema:
    I've already had my 7135 sent back to Kyocera to fix the "0" key issue, which worked for about a month, by the way. About a month or two after that I flipped it open, and lo and behold, nothing but a blank screen. "OK, no problem," I thought, "I'll just close it and reopen the flip." It's worked before, so I gave it a try. Still nothing. "OK, how about a soft reset?" Still nothing. Hard Reset? Nothing. I left the battery out for a day, it came up, then before it got past the "Palm Logo" screen, it inversed colors and froze. The big problem is that my warranty was up in May and being on Alltel, I don't have insurance on it, which I would have paid for, if given the option. Do you think I have any good options or am I out of luck?

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    Sounds almost like what my friends phone was doing before it totally crapped out when he tried a firmware update.
    His got about 15 minutes into the 30 minute update and froze up making the phone useless. So I wouldnt try that unless you are prepared for a possible tragic outcome.

    Here is the thread I posted with his phone's issues
    Another Freezing/shutting off/white screen Question

    Altho, I wouldnt go as far as to think this is the problem, just thought the cases seemed similar. If it were me, I would assume it to be a faulty open/close switch or something in that nature.

    Goodluck nonetheless.
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