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    SMS issues - "Message Failed, Network Problem!"

    Sorry if this a repost.

    I have had this phone since June and have never been able to send SMS text to another phone or anywhere for that matter.

    I have searched for FAQs and have this thing all setup as far as I know, it just wont work.

    My buddy that use to have a 7135 but fried it, now is just using his 6035 and we are on the same carrier. He sends me messages but when I return them, they will que for a while then say "sending please wait" que for about 20 seconds then says "Network Problem - Resend?"

    I can search the web just fine and send Emails via POP3 and I must add I am on a CDMAOne connection.

    Anyone have any links or ideas?

    MZ 1.0.44
    SZ 1.0.29
    PRL 604
    Automatic IP
    Already checked all this http://www.smartphonesource.com/vbul...&threadid=5385

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