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Thread: Fatal Alert

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    Angry Fatal Alert

    I have gotten a fatal alert on my phone that I cant get rid of.

    "DataMgr.c,Line:9573,Index out of range"

    it started when I was attempting to zoom using MobileTS. now it happens everytime I try to do a soft reset on my phone. if I do a hard reset things are fine until I sync with my computer. Does anyone have any ideas? I would hate to have to 'rebuild' my phone, although it is possible.

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    # Hold down the top scroll button and press the reset button inside the hole on the back panel of your handheld.
    # The Palm Computing Platform screen should appear. When you see the general preferences screen, release the top scroll button.

    This performs what is called a warm reset. It basically is a soft reset that doen't allow any extensions to run. Hacks, 3rd party software alarms, etc will not work. Fix the offending problem and then do another soft reset (to let the extensions start again).

    Hope this helps.
    Sandy Wagner

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