I've posted on this topic a few times in the past. I've been searching for a secure mobile email service which would make the 7135 into a quasi-Blackberry (with the ability to either push or pull email). My company places our POP3 email services behind a firewall so the standard litany of email applications are no good, I need a service which can forward from behind a firewall.

In the past, I subscribed to BaseJet for a year and it was great, however, they went out of business at the end of 2004. I then tried Visto Message Xpress -- it worked well (not as good as BaseJet but good) but then they discontinued their mail relay service before my trial account ended.

In any event, some good news. I had tried the services of Sproqit -- however, their software had a conflict with the 7135 and would cause it to crash. But, I received this email today:

Several weeks ago, you inquired about Sproqit's support for the Kyocera 7135. We're pleased to announce that the current version of Sproqit Personal Edition on our web site supports the 7135.

I've done some limited experimenting with the product and it seems to work well. URL is www.sproqit.com