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    EIS Browser crash

    Need a little help if someone can. Running the Kyocera EIS browser and a website comes up giving me a Fatal Alert reading:

    DataMgr.c, Line:7386,
    DmWrite: DmWriteCheck

    There's a reset button to hit in the dialog box, but the thing is just frozen. You have to reset the thing from the back.

    I've gotten this at two websites (two blogs, actually).

    I've noticed all of my problems, so far, are related to surfing the net with EIS.

    I've been reading some of the other 7135 horror stories. Yikes!

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    The EIS browser pretty much sucks. That's the general concensus anyway. Try using WebPro or Blazer. Use the search function on this site to find more info about those programs.

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    I agree with SD on his/her opinion of EIS browser. My experience is that I can usually only get through a couple of pages before it crashes.

    I think Kyocera could have had a much larger customer base for this phone if they hadn't provided so many bad apps in ROM or on the CD. It makes prospective users think that "it can't be done" on this phone, whereas 3rd party apps work pretty well. Let's see there's:

    EIS Web
    Eudora Web
    Eudora mail (works OK for me, but I use it only lightly; many others despise it...)
    PhotoSuite (for still photos)
    PhotoSuite (for movies)
    MP3 player (again OK for me as a light user)
    (Edit based on Guzzy's comment: add Downloader to the list - well, it does work if you've got nothin' to do for days on end...)

    Did I miss any?
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    Yeah EIS crashed the first web site I tried to go to with it.... Now I use other browsers as my first choice, (Blazer and WebPro). Nonetheless the EIS browser still works well in some cases because it tries to load the full web page as it would appear on a PC.

    Bobo' You missed the downloader app! Eech. Luckily I was forwarned by others posts that the transfer speed is glacial at best before I tried it...
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