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    Downloader really slow?

    is the downloader for MP3's really this slow??? 1kb per second on average? Or do I have something set wrong? i am using a usb-serial data cable that I got from ebay, works fine on sync.

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    "Slow" doesn't begin to describe Downloader... Get a USB SD card reader for a few bucks and copy your mp3's directly from your computer to the SD card. If you want the mp3's in the Kyocera's internal memory, you can always move them from the SD card to the Kyo memory using FileManager or a 3rd party file utility like FileZ.

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    PalmOS devices can only have PRC, PDB and PQA files in their internal memory. They do not support any other type of file in the internal memory. (Yes, ringers are MP3s, but they have to be converted to PDB files first before install.) The 7135 only has 16 MB memory, so you wouldn't want MP3s in there anyway.

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