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Thread: white screen

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    white screen

    I am starting to get a white screen occasionally when I open the phone from the closed position. Most of the time the screen re-appears but sometimes the white screen stays that way. On the top of the phone the call info is still there. Sometimes the white screen doesn't go away and I have to do a soft re-set. Any ideas on whats causing this and a solution?

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    What type of apps. have you put on the phone? Also have you tried a hard reset to fix this issue?

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    The old dreaded White Screen of Death. This is an old problem with earlier 7135's that was fixed in the latest firmware. Did you recently purhcase your phone from e-bay?
    If you press 111111 on the phone, you'll see a down arrow appear. Go to Options at the bottom and Select Version. The SW version should be SZ 1.0.29 MZ 1.0.44.
    Your Palm OS should be version 4.1.2, although I'm not sure where to find that with the standard apps. I use Pilot Info Manager to see it. Another way to tell is by looking at the Graffiti Icon. If you have Graffiti 2 you have the upgraded firmware. You can take the phone to most Verizon stores to have the firmware upgraded if necessary.
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    the mz1044 and sz1029 is the real way to tell if you have the latest software revision
    to see the palmos revision on any palm os based hh, go to the application launcher (the screen with all your icons), go to the menu (tap on the time in the upper left corner) and then go to Info. from there, tap on Version at the bottom.

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    Originally posted by dirwin
    The old dreaded White Screen of Death. This is an old problem with earlier 7135's that was fixed in the latest firmware.
    That's debateable. I have the 29/44 firmware, but the white screen of death problem still happens on my 7135. Usually I just close the flip and re-open it which resolves it. So far, one time it did not and I hit the reset button in the battery compartment. What should have been a soft reset turned into a hard reset which erased everything. Thankfully I had a recent backup.

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