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Thread: My cradle died!

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    Unhappy My cradle died!

    Oh well. At first i thought it was the typical "port in use" issue as I got that message a few times. Tried the fax modem fix. Tried a soft reset. No dice, would not even sync from the onscreen hotsync button. Sometimes it just tries to sync and finally failsto connect.

    Tried reinstalling the desktop software... nope.
    Tried plugging the cradle into a different usb port...nope.

    Could still be the palm.. the cradle.. or the software on the desktop. Right?... Wrong...

    I also sync to a mac using a usb sync cable. Tried the cable on the desktop, tap the hotsync icon and boom! All is good. It just won't sync from the cradle. Guess its off to ebay. Anybody else have cradle issues like this?
    Sandy Wagner

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    There are many of these cradles on eBay right now for fantastic prices. I just bought 4 BRAND NEW ones (no charger) for one whole dollar (and 15 dollars shipping).

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