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    Stero Headset With Shortened Cable?

    I sent the following to PC-Mobile hoping they could help:

    "I have your Audio/headset adapter for Kyocera 7135 and love it. The problem is when used with a stereo headset, the headset cable is too long and gets in the way or I have to coil it up (which looks like crap). Do you make any stereo headsets with a shortened cable? One with a 10 inch length (from headset connection to adapter tip) would be perfect."

    Quickly got the following response:

    "Sorry no. The point of having an adapter is that you can choose the best headset that you are happy with. We can make short headset, no problem. But I bet 99 out of 100 people will not be happy with the quality. These are best left to the headset specialist."
    Does anybody know of a supplier of a Stero headset with a shortened cable?

    Ron Honey
    7135 Nut

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    I really like these. Terrific fidelity, noise reduction, and a combination of cable lengths to boot.


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