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    Question anybody replaced their bad keypad

    I have a 7135 that i bought 2nd hand so no warrantee etc.
    But the guy i bought it off had the handset replaced under warrantee when he snapped the screen off

    The new phones keypad buttons are not exactly sensitive but i thought this was just normal for the 7135. Now the '0' key is barely working at all - I have to press as hard as possible and wriggle it around for it to work!!

    Is it possible to, or has anybody else replaced their keypad with one from another 7135 - and could this solve my problem??


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    Others have reported that behavoir when the contacts get dirty or dust and stuff gets in the keypad. it seems the zero key is the first to exhibit this issue since it is at the bottom and closest to the data port at the bottom of the phone. Try dissasembling your phone and make sure the contacts are free from dust and stuff....Oh and make sure you have a back up of your data, of course.
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