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    Sync failures, then lockup: VZW sudden death?

    Last week, my 7135 started failing during sync-- I'd hit the cradle button and nothing would happen. Resetting the phone would sometimes fix it; once or twice I had to reboot my Mac to make the sync work properly.

    Friday I was in Chicago, using my 7135 as a modem for my Windows laptop. The Data/Fax app crashed but my call stayed connected; after the call, I hit the reset button... and the 7135 hard-reset. Yikes! I was able to resync it when I got home again, so no big deal.

    Here's the interesting part: my sister, who lives about 900mi from me, has a 7135 from VZW too. She reports identical symptoms!

    Has anyone else using a 7135 on VZW recently had a spate of sync failures followed by an uncommanded hard reset?

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    Try starting and then simply exiting (back to your launcher) the "Fax/Modem" application on the 7135. That might free up the port.

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    Port in Use

    The "Port in use" message is something I have started geting in the last two weeks or so. I have been able to soft reset and solve the problem several times and only once have I had to do a hard reset. The Verizon rep that I am dealing with in person warned me that this may already be a downhill slide to a new phone. Hope not since I have only had my second phone for 4-6 weeks, but have had several problems occur that I have not experienced before.

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