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    HELP! PDA screen will not light

    The phone and pda work. The phone has not been immersed in water, but the problem began once the faceplace was replaced. I have tried both the soft and hard reset with no luck.

    Some have suggested that elastomer is defective. (I was told that that is the ribbon that connects the LCD to the phone)

    Has anyone had this problem or know where I can buy spare parts ?Elastomer?

    Thanks a ton!

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    I'm really not trying to be a smart a$$ here...

    Have you double-checked the brigtness and contrast settings?
    Any other software that might auto-dim?

    (I'm thinking that the hard re-set would probably re-set all of that, but it never hurts to check.)

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    No offense taken. Yes, I checked that out. I can still see (with sunlight and bright light) the screen..and everything works except the light.

    I have done both the soft and hard reset. No luck.

    Any idea where to get parts? I love the phone, and wish to fix it if possible. Thanks.

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    if you want to buy parts look at the next to the last post in this thread here

    You might want to take apart the phone and make sure that the light is still plugged in. Not sure if that would happen but i did have an incident just a few days ago where i dropped my phone and the speaker moved just enough to keep the contacts from touching and i had to take it apart and reset it. Good luck either way!

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