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    Question MP3 List Order from SD Card on Kyo 7135

    Please forgive me if this has already been addressed in the past and if it is the case, point me in the right direction to find the appropriate thread.
    I recently acquired a used Kyocera 7135 partly because I wanted to use its MP3 capabilities to put audio books on a 1Gig SD card that I purchased for it. After some fiddling around, I succeeded in transfering the MP3 chapters of a 12 CD audiobook onto the card via a Sandisk ImageMate hooked to a USB port of my Mac computer.
    The problem that I experience is that although the chapters all have a sequencial number (ex. 01-02 for section 1, chapter 2) at the beginning of their names, they appear listed in some kind of random order on the PlayList and play according to the order on this list. Everything is mixed up, meaning that I have to pause after each chapter and manually find and select the next one. Kind of inconvenient !
    Now, when I put the SD card back in the ImageMate and open it on the computer, all the chapters appear in the proper order.
    My questions are:
    - Is there a way to change the sorting preferences on the PlayList application on the 7135?
    - If not, does anyone know why this problem appears and if there is a way to prevent it?
    I fear that I will not be using the MP3 capabilities of this wonderful phone for long if I can't resolve this issue.
    Thanks in advance for all contributions to this new thread.
    Best regards,

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    I would make a suggestion as i am sure everyone else would make and that is to get bebopper.Download it here It seems to have the options you need. Let us know if it works for you or if you have any problems. There seem to be quite a few experts in this forum.

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    Yes use BeeBopper, its much better. You will be able to setup the order of your playlist. For the built in player the order of the songs is based on the native order of the files on the card. In other words the order they were loaded on the card.
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