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    6035 & 7135 Sync cradles

    Are they the same? They look the same. I have two leftover 6035 cradles, and if I can save buying another two . . .

    BTW, since the charger looks different, I gather I should NOT plug the 6035 charger into the 7135, whether the cradles work or not.

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    Don, you can modify a 6035 cradle to sync the 7135, but its kinda 'hacked' looking. Search ebay... you can get cradles for a good price... or do as I did and just buy a USB cable on ebay. Mine even charges the phone when plugged in. Only downfall is I cant charge a second battery....

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    That was one of my biggest early complaints. All of the additional hardware for the 6035 wasnt compatible with the 7135.

    Keyboard, car charger, wall charger, batteries, and of course the cradles.
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