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    Sync with Yahoo and Outlook

    I want to be able to sync my Kyocera 7135 with Yahoo and Outlook on the same computer. When I run Yahoo's Intellisync, it tells me to start the sync on the cradle. Since my palm is set to sync with outlook, it only sends the info to Outlook.

    Help, how do I do it?

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    I have actually done this.

    1. Use PocketMirror to sync Outlook with your 7135.

    After you have this working, install Intellisync

    2. Use Yahoo's Intellisync to sync Yahoo and Outlook. You have to go into configuation and tell Intellisync you want to use Outlook and not the Palm handhold. You won't use the cradle button to initiate this sync.

    This means that everyone is trying to agree with Outlook. If you don't do anything too complicated, it works pretty well.

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