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    Question Any proof Apps\Overclocking causes SRCP Problem?

    I got the fatal "Service Required Contact Provider" lock out yesterday. For almost three years (more or less) I've used my 7135 straight out of the box - no extra applications.

    About a month ago I rediscovered this site, and saw all the posts regarding some great apps, overclockers, backups, and whatnot and could not resist. The overclockers all claimed to have been using it for some time with no problems.

    Suddenly, I started to get the "searching" problem, and then the SRCP error came up, but I got it to go away for a few weeks with some multile re-sets.

    So - some posts have implied (or stated) that overclocking and too many applications on the Palm side will cause the SRCP problem. In my case, it may be a coincidence - or not.

    With all the people who post here, I suspect someone has taken a failed 7135 apart by now and played around. I'm going to call an insider at Kyocera tomorrow to see if he has heard of this problem, and what, if anything, is known about the issue.

    I'll have my new 7135 on Tuesday, and I was planning on reinstalling everything from my old one - including the overclocker.

    If I can get another 3 years out of my phone, maybe by then there will be a clamshell Treo, or I'll try the successor of the Samsung I600, or something new. Not sure why there aren't more smartPhones out there - it seems so logical.

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    It would be great to have some kind of insight on the SCRP problem from Kyocera. From our perspective they just say talk to your carrier, and the carrier just exchanges it, almost with no questions, as you've now experienced.
    I've been overclocking for a while and not experienced any issues. Someone else with an intimate knoweldge of the circuitry suggested that it was deterioration of some chip...
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    Prior to the death of my original 7135, I had been overclocking it for selective applications for nearly two years. No problem doing so ... so, I don't think that's it.

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