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    Voicemail alert - Alltel

    ***** Problem solved, was on Alltel's end. Got a tech that knew what they were doing. ******

    Purchased my phone in March of 2005. I'm pretty certain that the voicemail alert feature worked in this manner (worked the same when I had the 6035): someone leaves you voicemail, the system sends notification to the phone and the phone alerts me I have x number of messages, I dial into the system and check my messages and disconnect, the system then sends notification to the phone that there are no new messages and the mail notification icon goes away. Recently, I stopped getting voicemail alerts altogether. I called Alltel and they fixed that problem but now I have to manually go into my message application and reset voicemail notification. The tech I spoke with said that the system does work that way, and that the feature of sending notifications to the phone to reset the mail is an "enabled" or "disabled" feature and they show it as "enabled". Has anyone else experienced this problem recently with Alltel and or am I incorrect in the way the system works?

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