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    Sw better than Downloader/MP3Player?

    I downloaded an MP3 file to my 7135, and during playback heard many little skips/gaps. I used the Downloader and MP3Player that came with the phone. Earlier a music file that had been put on the SD card by someone else had sounded fine. That older file is gone now, as I formatted the SD card, so I'm not sure if new problem is the new file I just downloaded, the Downloader software or the MP3Player software. I'd prefer to not pay for any of the software (of course), as I'm not going to be a heavy user. Any tips or software recommendations? Or do you think the file (which I got as a free track download off of Amazon) was bad to begin with?

    I also see some older posts about ways to do MP3 playback in on you car. One of my cars has just FM & cassette, the other FM & CD player. Recommendations? While I wouldn't mind hearing about high-end ways to go, the low cost route is what I'll be taking for starters.

    Thanks in advance----

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    Yeah... there's Kyoamp and Beebopper, both are better than the built in player (yuck). If you're not going to be a heavy listener then you can get by with the built in MP3 Player. The built in Downloader is waaaayyyy slloooooww... I recommend a using an SD card reader.
    The MP3's are probably skipping because they are at too high a bit rate. Re rip them at 128 or less and you should have no problems. check the FAQ's for more info..
    As to listening to music through your radio you'll need an FM transmitter and an adapter. Search is your friend. In fact these topics have been recently discussed so you should be able to find them easy!

    See this thread for links to both MP3 Players:
    Setting up and Optimizing the 7135
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    Here's what I do....

    Here's what I do for MP3s. Works well for me:

    Loading to SD Card:

    Hardware: USB attached SD Card Reader (cost about $6 eBay).

    Software: In the past I've used MusicMatch. Created a randomized playlist, and loaded these to the SD card (appears as an external device). Then used dbPowerAmp to convert any high bitrate tunes to 128k). A two step process obviously). Now, I use a freeware program called Foobar2000, randomize a playlist, select 60 or so songs and use a little tool called "Convert" which changes the bitrate to 128k and loads the tunes to the card simultaneously (i.e. 1 step).

    Playing in the car:

    Software: Bebopper. 'nuff said

    Hardware: Coolcat adapter hard wired to the input for a multi-CD changer input I don't use. Alternative is to use an FM modulator or cassette adapter neither are quite as good quality wise as a hardwired RCA method IMHO. Also have wired in a mic that I attach to the chicken-bar above the driver door. While listening to MP3s, song pauses, and voice announces incoming call which I can listen to and speak to over the car stereo using this setup.

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