I have just upgraded my 6035 to a 7135. Have converted my old 6035 cradles to fit the 7135 as described in one of the posts. Most of the pins on the 7135 must be the same as the 6035 and 3035, because it hot syncs ok and KWPST finds it and transfers data OK. But now my car kit does not work on the 7135. First I must say the car kit is an original Kyocera 3035 kit that I fitted to a 6035 cradle. Easy job as the plugs, apart from the pins, are the same. The 6035 worked great in the car but the 7135 dont go at all. All it does is charge. Any ideas? Also does anyone know what the metal tags on either side of the phone plug do. I notice the 6035 also has these.