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    Neoprene or Rubberized Case & checked out the Treo 650

    I am looking for a neoprene or rubberized "flip" case for my dear 7135. As supply dwindles down I want to upgrade the leather case which can be slippery if I am carrying a few things. I have found two through Google and Ebay but after purchasing them I come to realize that they have a thick plastic cover which goes over the screen. This makes it difficult to use the touch screen and also makes the screen blurry. I am currently using the OEM case from Kyocera which does not cover the screen and I am using the "PDASCREENSAVERS.com" G3 screen savers so I don't need the plastic over the screen portion. On both of them I tried cutting off the plastic over where the screen is but the plastic helps keep the case on the phone so this alternative doesn't work. Has anyone found a neoprene or rubberized case that doesn't cover the sreen like the OEM leather case.

    On another note I stopped at the local Cingular store to check out the Treo 650 so I could get a better idea if I want to upgrade here in the next couple of weeks from Verizon. I thought I wanted to get a Treo but after playing with it I am not so sure.

    It definately is not as comfortable on you face when using it as a phone although I am sure one gets used to it. Also I was looking at the keyboard and thought about how I might call someone that isn't in my address book (so no voicedial or address book lookup) while I am driving on those tiny keys. I am happy to have the real phone keypad on the 7135 versus the QWERTY keyboard one on the Treo. I mostly use the Palm onscreen keyboard in PDA mode. I sure there must be some other way on the Treo.

    I showed my 7135 to the Cingular guy and he was surprised how light it was (relatively speaking) and confortable to hold while using the phone.

    I think that if I needed to move from the 7135 and Verizon had one of the new 7100 Blackberry's I would prefer that to the Treo. Unfortunately I need to stay on Verizon as I use my phone very often in Canada and they have an excellent voice and data plan without roaming up there. I compared it to Cingular and it is far superior unless you use a Cingular Blackberry.

    One thing I admit I am jealous of is the vast third party support of accessories for the Treo. I am afraid our dear old 7135 has seen all the accessories it will ever see. I previously had an Audiovox 9500 before my 7135. It was a great phone, great screen, 1X support, fantastic reception. It too became a "bastard child" shortly after I bought it and there were few accessories other than those sold by Audiovox.

    I sense all the phone manufacturers are afraid of competing with PalmOne. If they could only see how great the 7135 was and just make a new model with flip screen, Bluetooth, Palm OS 5 and a faster processor.

    Just a dream. Perhaps in a year when the supply of 7135's for insurance replacement starts to dry up then maybe we can talk Verizon into giving us Treo 650 as replacement.

    I look forward to those that move to the Treo please post back on this site as to your experiences.

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    a thought. what if you sewed a band across the bottom section of the case. this should hold the phone on. it would fit right in there with no issues.
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    Thanks for the reply!

    It actually is the top of the phone (ie screen part) that slides off. I have no problem with the plastic over the keypad (like the OEM case). When I cut off the plastic from the screen area thats where it slips.

    I think the OEM case actually got it right with plastic over the keypad( although it wouldn't really matter if it was there or not, but not having the plastic over the screen makes sense particuarly when you use a removable screen protector sheet over the screen.

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