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Thread: Beaming Files

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    Beaming Files

    Has anyone beamed files from one 7135 to another?

    I don't see many of them around, but I was showing a guy my StarTrek ringtone and he wanted it.

    Anyone willing to post a step by step for beaming

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    i've beamed between several different IR devices, including my TV remote controls, a Treo 600 and I'm going to test my HP48GX one of these days.

    Beaming is easy, opem app with file/item to beam, select item, click Menu and then Beam. Have other devices IR port facing yours and depending on what you are beaming to, you can set it up to receive than have it wait, or if it automatically finds it, let it accept the beam.

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    thank you

    will try and report back

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    • I've beamed between every model of Palm imaginable, from PalmOne, Sony, Treo, etc.
    • I've beamed data to my laptop running Windows XP.
    • I've beamed documents to HP and Canon printers equipped with IrDA ports
    • I've used IR to control a TV and VCR, as well as other appliances
    • I've beamed and received business cards to non-palm devices like Nokia and Ericsson phones, and Windows PocketPC devices
    • I've had photos taken by Ericsson and Nokia camera phones equipped with IR ports beamed to me, and then saved them onto my card and viewed them with RescoViewer

    When it comes to IR, the 7135 and palm in general is no slouch!


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