My phone section crapped out and after viewing all the messages in this forum I took the plunge and did the following and it is working better than ever.

1. Order new OEM battery. What I had was aftermarket and it was a little shorter and not applying enough pressure to the spring clips.

2. Backed up the phone to my laptop.

3. While waiting for the new battery to arrive, I took the phone apart. Removed the antenna by pulling it out as far as possible, there are small slots in the base of the antenna, using a very small screwdriver, I was able to unscrew and remove the antenna.

4. After removing the battery cover and battery using a torx #7 (some have said a #6, this was too loose and was slipping), removed the four screws on the back of the phone, and being fairly gentle, lifted the back off of the phone. The back has a plastic clip on each side and it does take a little force to remove.

5. The radio (phone) circuit board is now exposed, and is held with 2 torx screws. I removed these screws and removed the radio board.

6. The radio board connects electrically to the palm board by a small multi-pin connector. I cleaned this connector with alcohol and the blew it out with compressed air.

7. I re-installed the radio board, making sure that the connector mated firmly into it's socket and then re-installed the 2 torx screws.

8. I noticed that the metal clip attached to the radio board which presses against the antenna stub was bent inward and in attempting to bend it back, broke it off the circuit board. The clip actually cracked and broke. I reshaped the remaining piece of the clip, and using a low-wattage soldering iron, tinned both the circuit board, and the clip, then re-soldered the clip into the place. Note, applying too much heat to the circuit board will lift the trace from the board so be very careful with the heat. I temporary replaced the back, and using a flashlight, checked for proper contact when re-installing the antenna. It took a few attempts with bending a little, checking, bending a little, checking to get it right.

9. Re-installed the back cover, and using a small, folded piece of cardstock to shim the old battery (placing the card stock between the top of the battery and the battery compartment to apply downward pressure to the springs), powered up the phone.

10. Signal strength was much better than it had every been.

11. The new battery arrived and came with one of those little gold stick-on antenna boosters. I figured what the hell, so stuck it on the back of the radio board.

It's been over a week now and the phone has not powered off once. My signal strength is much better than it was. Now getting 2 bars where I used to get none.

Thanks to all who post on this board. Without this board, I would have never known what to try.

Hope this helps someone.