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    Unhappy 7135 touch screen hangs- need help

    My 2 year old 7135- works well except its touchscreen quits working if i touch the screen in phone mode. It says "touchscreen doesn't work in phone mode" and then when i go into pda mode it acts like it is not a touch screen. This continues until I do a master reset ( the 3 second reset).

    Anybody have any ideas or am I screwed liked so many others?

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    I don't know what a "master reset" is. You can do a soft reset, a hard reset, or you can remove the battery for an extended period of time (removing the battery briefly causes a soft reset only provided the backup power source is working properly) to generate a hard reset. Hopefully you have been doing Hotsyncs so that you can restore the data after a hard reset. Last but not least, many people have solved some bazaar 7135 problems by replacing old, weak batteries with new ones.

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