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    7135 Fatal Exception

    Hi all,

    I have a 7135 that when you put the battery in and turn it on, I get a "Fatal Alert" that says "Fatal Exeption". It does this no matter if I reboot the phone or if I hard reset it.

    Any suggesstions?

    Please let me know.

    Even if I don't get this fixed, and you think that you might be able to get it fixed, and you want to buy it from me, this is what I have:

    USB/Serial Cradle (Charges Phone + 2nd Battery)
    Brand New Sealed car charger
    New 7135 Holster

    7135 is in good condition with some minor scratches on the caseing. Screen has no scratches.

    It's unlocked so all you Alltel,
    Cellular One / Western Wireless,
    U.S. Cellular guys can use it.

    Asking $50 + Shipping

    If you want pictures, let me know
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