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    Thanks to posters of "memory loss when swapping battery" issue

    I am yet another person that was having the trouble of losing memory contents when swapping out the battery. I was wondering - why would anyone carry a spare battery if this is what happens? But then I searched through the board and found the gentle (and sometimes not so gentle!) reminder to read the manual. Buried deep, deep inside is the fact that I need to shut off the phone (and not just the palm pilot) first. Now I can swap batteries without losing the memory. Cool! So, thanks much to all of the posters of this useful fact.

    John Feinberg

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    Also you can backup to a memory card using a program like RFbackup or similar before you swap the battery, if the memory does go bad you can restore from the memory card and you are back to where you were, as long as you did a backup right before the battery swap.

    Search the form for popular backup programs. Most are free, or a small donation!

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    I am having the same problem but I do not know how to power off the palm?

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    Turn the phone side off with the red "hang up" button (a long depress will turn the phone off). Once the screen says the phone is off, close the flip (some folks say to press the backlight button 1st but I've never done it) and your phone is off. Then swap the battery. Be sure you fully charge your phone occasionally to charge the internal capacitor/battery that keeps the memory alive as well or you'll loose data with a battery swap. Try to be really smooth with the battery swap and don't bounce it into the case or some folks say you'll loose your data as well.

    Do get a card back up program as well (I use JKWare's CardBackup) and even if you loose your data you can restore it quickly.

    I've never lost a bit of data with a battery swap...
    Here, have a clue. No, take two, they're small.....

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    Better yet, swap battery while in the charger.

    Take the back cover off, insert in charger, flip out old battery and insert new one.

    Done it many times.

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