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    Question trying to connect with computer

    I just got my 7135 and i am trying to connect to my computer to HotSync and send mp3 files to my phone. i have all the software installed, and the memory card in, but it wont connect to the computer. When i click connect through the downloader it says "connecting to desktop" and beeps through the computer speakers but then about a minute later it beeps through the computer again and the phone says "no connection to desktop established" it does just about the same thing when i try to HotSync with my desktop. I click the Sync icon, it beeps, sits for a minute, beeps again and says that it isnt able to connect with the computer. any help would be greatly appreciated, id hate to know that i just bought this phone and i cant even connect it with my computer.

    and is it possible for me to save mp3's on my memory card through my mp3 player and then put the memory card in my phone and use it from there?

    thanks alot,

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    best suggestion for mp3 transfer is to buy a card reader. Youll find that even IF the unit did sync it would be painful to watch how slow the mp3s transfer. The card reader is exponentially (sp?) faster.

    This doesnt solve your sync issue I realize but it does get you on the road to hearing songs on your phone.

    Keep in mind youll need to create a folder on the card entitled "Audio" dont use the quotes. Drag and drop all your mp3's youll want into that folder on the card via a card reader.

    good luck!
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    Some dumb questions and then a tricky hint:

    Do you have a version of Palm Desktop installed on your computer?

    Is the Hotsync Manager running on your computer?

    I have to have "Local Serial" checked on my Hotsync Manager to sync, even though I am connecting with a USB cord (not even the cradle). For some reason, MY computer sees the connection as serial. I once spent three weeks trying to remember what I had done to fix that problem the first time.

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