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    Success with cheap 2 GB SD card!

    I just posted the VFSMark results for my card that just arrived today.

    VFSMark Results - A-DATA 2GB Turbo SD 150X (phone on)

    File Create: 76%
    File Delete 61%
    File Write: 114% (Fastest write speed posted?)
    File Read: 57%
    File Seek: 95%
    DB Export: 63%
    DB Import: 71%
    Record Access: 71%
    Resource Access: 73%
    VFSMark: 75

    The speeds were generally a little faster than my regular speed Lexar 256 MB card except for MUCH faster write speeds (going from an 18% to 114%). The write speed seems to be the fastest that I could find on a 7135 - too bad that is pretty unimportant for normal use versus read. Guess that speed will be helpful for backups.

    Some users reported slightly faster overall speeds with high speed name brand cards (high 70s and low 80s) but this is still pretty fast compared to most cards on the 7135 and it was only $120 at Newegg.

    The speed difference between this and my old Lexar is not noticeable in loading of programs running off of the card.

    Now I'm running into Bebopper's limitation of 200 songs in a playlist after putting about 500 mp3's on the card.

    Of course these are all severely limited by the 7135. A user review on Newegg used his Treo 650 to report the following with the same card:
    VFSMark Results
    File Create: 349%
    File Delete: 800%
    File Write: 461%
    File Read: 682%
    File Seek: 842%
    DB Export: 642%
    DB Import: 476%
    Record Access: 822%
    Resource Access:768%
    VFSMark: 649

    Now those speeds would be feel different!

    I think that it will serve me well once I make the inevitable move to the Treo 650. By the way, just a reminder that it sounds like both the 7135 and Treo 650 have a hard limit of 2 GB on an SD card.


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    Thanks for sharing this info.

    Did you format it with your PC and not your Treo?

    From the newegg reviews:
    For WinXP users:
    1. Stick your SD CARD into the reader. click START--->RUN. type in CMD and hit enter.
    2. Depending on what your card reader's drive is, and what you want to label your card, type in
    (My drive was H, and I wanted to label my card PIMPIN).
    3. Wait about 5 seconds, and you're good to go!

    Apparently, this ensures smooth treo operation.

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    I don't have a treo yet but formatted it as described on the PC to be "treo-ready".

    Seems to be working pretty well so far.

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