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    Blackberry 7250 or Kyocera 7135

    Hi everyone,

    Here's what I'm looking to use this for. I getting back into training and boarding dogs and I'm looking for a phone that is also user friendly for keeping track of dogs coming in and going home, contacts etc... I really don't plan on using it for e-mail etc... Do you think I would be better off with a seperate pda and a phone. I have alltel service and currently have a Motorola V262 that works great as a phone. I looking for something to keep track of appointments, contacts etc... These are the only two available to me in my area. Your input would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    I have played with the Blackberry only a little bit, but it is being touted as an email-centric device. Don't forget, Blackberry requires an additional subscritption to RIM's service. The 7135 is finicky, but is a Palm, so everything is transferable btw. Palm devices. Just be aware that Alltel is one of the last companies offering the phone in the US and probably will not offer it much longer. But I would prefer the 7135 over the Blackberry even w/o Bluetooth. I get along fine with IR connection and free internet.

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    Id second that.

    For your purposes get a palm device. If you cant get ahold of a 7135 look for a Treo 650. You will find amazing data tracking programs for the palm side.

    Whereas for your purposes as the previous post said, the BB is more of an email device and 3rd party software is much more limited. My girlfriend has a BB and I LOVE my 7135 vs hers. Course she loves hers more. BUT she NEEDS the email, and I dont.

    hope this helps.
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