I recently installed a Sudoku game (Zingles by ZingMagic) on my Kyocera 7135. It works fine except when it displays a small text box (with short text messages alerting the player to invalid moves, etc.) in the lower right corner. I asked the developer for guidance, and their response is provided below. Kyocera Wireless support was unable to provide any insights. I'd appreciate any thoughts about possible next steps.

Thank you!

Text from ZingMagic support:

"The box should contain short textual status messages - e.g. Check board either generates a 'Board is valid' or 'Board invalid' message. (Invalid boards also move cursor to first sq it finds a problem at).

Unfortunately we do not observe your problem on any of the Palm devices we have here, either black + white or colour (low + high density), nor any of the Palm emulators we've just retried this on. The text is drawn using the standard Palm boldFont.

Given we are currently unable to reproduce the problem it is quite difficult for us to diagnose and offer a fix. It looks as though there is a OS level compatibility issue with your specific device - e.g. Palm boldFont not working."