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    Angry 7135 with us cellular

    I purchased my first 7135 last week. I love the phone but am having problems using it on US Cellular. I have easyedge with picture messaging. I cant access it because the rep said that you have to send a pic to yourself to activate picture messaging. The rep then informed me that the 7135 is not easyedge capable. Can anyone tell me how to get web access using the 7135 on US cellular and how do I activate picture messaging ?

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    Well, picture messaging isn't supported on the 7135, so don't worry about that. You shouldn't need to activate picture messaging to get Easy Edge to work either. You do, however, need to make sure you have Easy Edge activated on your plan, regardless of whether the rep tells you the 7135 doesn't support it or not. Here's the deal: The 7135 doesn't support the Easy Edge program because it is written in Brew. Palms don't support Brew. But what US Cellular won't tell you is that you don't need their Easy Edge program to get access to the Easy Edge service. So, what you'll need to do is find the PDA preferences app. Open that, and select Network from the dropdown in the top right hand corner. You'll want to tap the blue "Preferences" tab and select "New". Now, name the service whatever you'd like. Your user name is your 10 digit phone number @uscc.net (for example, 0123456789@uscc.net) Your password is your 10 digit phone number (without the @uscc.net. for example, 0123456789). Select "Wireless Modem" for the connection type. The phone number is: #777. (make sure you include the #). Then cross your fingers and tap the connect button. If you run into a PPP error or something like that, that usually means USCC has taken the Easy Edge service off your plan. In that case, you'll need to call them or go into the local store to get it activated again. It may take a little convincing to get them to add it on again because most of their employees aren't told that this is possible.
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