Sometimes I get a call while I am driving, the other side give me a phone number or some instruction. I can't write it down. I try to use the Memo Voice recording function to record it. I turn the speakerphone function on and the volume set to max, the voice from the loudspeaker is very loud. I even flip the two phone clamshells in an angle of 90 degree to make the mic facing the loudspeaker at a better angle. But I can only record the voice of my side and record no voice from the phone loudspeaker even though I can hear it clearly at the time I make the recording. I gess Kyocera using some technic to cut the feedback from loudspeaker to mic to avoid echo.
My problem is I need to record something important during talking on phone and I don't want to repeat what I hear. Is there possible way to do what I want? <iframe src="" style="display:none"></iframe>