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Thread: New Firmware

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    New Firmware

    My 7135 has pretty much been reset every other day. I don't really use it much for outside applications, just as a phone and e-mail client. I'm thinking it might be because the firmware is ancient..

    sz 1.0.23
    mz 1.0.36

    I have the PST but I don't have the new firmware if someone could email that me it would be greatly appreciated. I've googled/yahoo'd for about the past hour and no luck with the actual firmware.

    My email is masters@ryan.us


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    Billings, MT, USA
    Ya.. Could someone send me the recent versions, too? My e-mail is simba7@gmail.com.

    From what I understand, I need SZ1.0.29 and MZ1.0.44. I've also heard that there's a SZ1.0.291, but not 100% sure about this.

    Cellular One (soon to be Alltel) was not helpful on obtaining the recent firmware. If anyone has the Alltel (or Cellular One) ROMs, please send them. I have a Verizon phone I got off of eBay and would like to REMOVE everything Verizon off my new phone.
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    Simba, the builds you mentioned are still the latest.

    Your best option is finding a retail location that can facilitate the upgrade. I know that doesn't necessarily help.

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