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    Unhappy Help!!!! Where to now after a SRCP phone!!!

    I just lost my phone about a week ago to a SRCP. I sent it out to viastartech.com to get repaired but the person I talked to was not very hopeful on being able to fix it. I have seen many posts on here saying that this is the kiss of DEATH!
    So that leads me to my next problem....my provider (cellcom.com) has stopped carrying the 7135......and the only other replacement that comes close is the Audiovox PPC-6600. And even then the saleswoman is telling me to wait because she says new pda type phones are coming out from Motorola, Kyocera and others.....is this true?
    I really loved my 7135...I wish I could find a new unit. The PPC-6600 seems alittle pricey at $530 & and 2yr contract......for the problems I hear it has.
    I really don't want to go to another provider like Sprint or Verizon since their coverage sucks in my area.

    Advise NEEDED!!!!

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    As far as I know SCRP is a broken phone board. It's not necessarily a kiss of death, though, if you can convince your carrier to activate another 7135 ESN. In that case, get another 7135, call the carrier, have them activate it.

    In past times there have been problems getting Verizon to do this, but there are some indications that Verizon is lightening up. It seems that your carrier is someone other, though, so you need to talk to them about it. Sources for 7135s are eBay (make sure you can get a refund if they sell you an SCRP phone though), etc. There has been some discussion here that unscrupulous persons may be dumping insurance paid-for SCRP devices on eBay, so take some care about it.

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    Here's another idea - Alltel still sells the phone brand new. Since WI is has alot of Alltel coverage - you could probably drive a few miles to pick up a brand new one from them without any contract - but your carrier will have to get the phone to operate on their network the way they would an eBay phone. Of course, Alltel has been on a buying spree the last 2 years, so by the time you read this, they may have struck a deal to buy your carrier too.

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