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    Thanks to Silvrdragn & VOATMJ1

    Just so you'll know,

    in an earlier thread I was moaning about charging problems, and in the end never followed up with the solution that was wrung out of a lot of pain and good suggestions:

    It appears I have 2 problems: the phone won't charge a battery internally, and in fact will completely discharge to the 7135 equivalent of absolute zero; and one of my cradles won't charge at all when connected. Nothing. Not a phone, not a separate battery. Nothing.

    After listening to everyone, I switched to using the other cradle for charging a battery separately, and use the bad one only for syncing with my work computer. I don't need to charge there. At home I keep my 3 batteries charged with the separate charger, and use them pretty well and conveniently.


    I have a working 7135 for the nonce, and I have the two of you to thank for it. See my post about turning off the lights in another thread.
    Don Cook
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    Glad you found a working solution! You're welcome!

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