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Thread: Data Charges?!?

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    Data Charges?!?

    I don't have a data agreement with VZW, but just noticed they had a separate item for data on my bill.

    My understanding from everything I see on this forum is that minutes are minutes, unless they talk us into getting a data plan. In fact, one of the attractions of our fave fone is that it uses the 'net as vanilla minutes, no?

    Or do I have that wrong?

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    Actually the MOU feature is not a function of this phone, its just a function of your plan. I understand that there are some Treo6x0 users that have talked Vzw into getting MOU on their accounts as well. Its just that this phone was around before Vzw knew how it was going to bill for data access. so for anyone that asked they added National Access out of your minutes to your account. It works great for me since I my account has 1500 min/mo
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    Alltel identifies data calls as such, but does not have a separate charge for them. I use the low speed connection (QNC) and the time for each data call comes out of my minutes. Data calls are treated just like voice calls, and, if you are in a night/weekend time slot, the minutes come out of that allocation, not the Anytime minutes allocation. The bottom line is that I never pay any additional charges for data calls.

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    Sporadically I get a display on the small LCD showing "Data Call" or "Dormant" instead of a regular call with a timer.

    Often the "incorrect" connection is made via a menu within an application. I don't know if it is a function of that application software, or if something else is happening.

    When that happens, I immediately disconnect and look at the Network preferences. Sometimes it shows the 1XRTT connection a the default. Other times it still shows the QNC as the default method!?

    I have in the past altered the 1XRTT option to use a connection type of "Standard Modem" instead of "Wireless Modem", but that too seems to revert back to "Wireless" on its own from time to time.

    I would rather not delete this 1XRTT setting (I'm not even sure if I know the password!), but I would very much like to cripple it in a way that I can use it if I need to. That way I won't overlook an accidental connection that costs me money.

    Since this entry for some reason has very limited editing, I've thought about duplicating the entry and clearing the phone number to dial, leaving everything else intact, THEN deleting the original 1XRTT entry. I can remember to add back the #777 if I ever need it.

    This seems like it should have been covered in the FAQ, but I checked again and didn't find anything useful for this.

    Any suggestions or other insights?

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