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    phone software problem

    so heres the story, i dropped my phone from a good 4 feet onto some tile. besides some scratches everything seemed to be ok. the next day, the phone part of my 7135 would not work properly, i.e. it had lost my number and my network. later that day, the phone portion would not even power on, yet the pda side works perfectly and can still successfully perform hot syncs. i have been to alltel and called kyocera. apparently i need new 'phone portion' software, which wouldnt be a problem for altel if the phone part would stay powered on. do i need to send this back to kyocera for them to fix or can this be done some other way? all i need is the phone software, and i have been able to keep the phone powered on while on the cradle, so any suggestions would be great. thanks

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    It is not obvious that you have a software problem. The phone and PDA hardware are on two separate boards in the 7135. Damage to the phone board alone can disable the phone without affecting the PDA. Dropping the phone damages the hardware, not the software. The software could be "damaged" indirectly if the hardware damage was to the memory unit containing the software. At a minimum you probably need a new phone board which will change the ESN and Alltel will have to activate the phone again with the new ESN.

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    Is the phone w/i warranty @ all? If it is, I would get it to Radio Shack (not mentioning the fall) & let them repair/replace it. If they replace it, it will be w/a brand new unit...well worth the effort as long as you have a backup phone, since they will have it for at least 1 month.

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