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Thread: 7135 Bt Dun?

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    7135 Bt Dun?

    I currently use a Treo 600 as my main phone, but I really want Bluetooth. I am eyeing the 650 as a potential upgrade, but it simply doesn't give me enough to warrent dropping money to buy one out of contract. (I bought my Treo 600 for 200 dollars full retail, great price in my book, since I just walked into a store, and bought it). Anyway, I came from a Motorola E815, and I miss having bluetooth, so I'm curious if I could get a 7135 (from eBay for like 30 dollars at the current rate), buy a BT SDIO card that is Palm OS 4 compatiable, and be able to use Dial-Up Networking, and (possibly) headset profiles. Is this possible, and more importantly, can I still get the 7135 on Verizon?

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    Probably not. Verizon is no longer activating 7135's according to reports on this board. Though it appears some manage to slip some through. Also I doubt you could get a BT SD card to work with the 7135. The SD card slot is limited for use with memory cards and a few cameras (Veo). There are some posts buried in the past that better outline the reasons for this limitation...
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