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    Where do I get kyocera loader windows applications

    I am trying to setup the MP3 downloader. The user guide doesn't give the location for te loader windows application.
    Anybody know where I can get it from?

    www.kyocera-wireless.com/7135-smartphone/ pdf/7135_mp3_player_manual.pdf


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    I will be truthful - I loaded mp3s for the mp3 player through the Kyo downloader 1 time. It took about an hour to load 100Mb. I found it is SOOOOOO much easier to just create a folder on the SD card named "AUDIO" and drop mp3s into it through Windows via a card reader. My reader is in my printer, but universal card readers can be picked up for I guess as low as $20, and alot of new machines are including them next to the front USB ports.

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    Good advice Thax! I hadn't even thought of that! Thanks!

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    I haven't tried this myself, but I was wondering if you can load MP3s to the SD card using Quick Install rather than the Downloader. That would use HotSync, but it might be faster. I would assume that the the external SD card reader/writer (as suggested by thaxman) is going to be the fastest, but for those of us who don't have this device, anything faster than the Downloader would be helpful.

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    I take things one step farther -

    I don't even have the Palm Desktop setup for my 7135's.
    I've got cradles, for charging them.

    For installing things, I use either the internet to download files directly (Resco's Explorer is GREAT for zip file access!), or use a card reader to transfer the files that way.

    As for backup, I use BackupBuddyVFS Pro, making backups to SD cards. Note the plural - cards. I have a backup on the card that resides in the unit, then I periodically do backups to another card that doesn't stay in the unit. Having backups available wherever I am is really the best policy - while I have had only one or two hard resets, they were no big deal since I could restore a resent, or older, backup using BBVFSPro anywhere, anytime.

    In my experience, it is a very rare app that makes things difficult for not using the Palm Desktop and HotSyncing. The most common issue is finding a file generated by some desktop companion program - once found, just copy it to the card, then to RAM in the unit.

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    Welcome to the forum... I have to reiterate that the Kyocera downloader program is SLOWWWWWWW... don't even bother with figuring it out. Instead get a card reader for your SD card. its quicker and you'll find more uses for it.
    I too find myself doing less hotsyncs... I mostly copy new apps to the sd card via a card reader. I do have a few apps that requiring hotsyncing, like my Outlook address book and a time and billing app, so for those I have my hotsync customized to "do nothing" for a great majority of the items I sync. And yes I must say again..... backup backup backup. If you have an SD card and are not using it for a backup you're missing out on it's best use.
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