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    How to Back Up to the SD Card?

    That sort of says it. I have these problems that end up with me doing a complete reinstall whenever I switch batteries, so I wonder if there isn't a way to back up the whole thing, and restore the whole thing, to and then from an SD Card.

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    If my memory serves me correctly...I used BackupBuddy on my 7135

    Basically, find a palm program to do the backup for you. I think there are others, but that is the one I used.
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    The "Search" function is your friend!

    There are a multitude of choices for SD card backup programs. BackupBuddyVFS, CardBackup, BackupMan ..... the list goes on and on. A quick search on the PalmGear.com site for the keyword "backup" yields 185 results -> http://www.palmgear.com/index.cfm?fu...keyword=backup

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    Backup Buddy

    I use Backup Buddy, I bought it before I started using my 7135, it has saved me from disaster 3 times when the phone hard reset on it's own, and countless times when I've had to hard reset, or fix something else. I have it set to auto backup daily, so I know if it crashes, my data is no more than 24 hours old. Well worth the $20 or whatever it goes for now.

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    I use backup buddy as well. There was a free one that was included on the CD that came with the phone. It's pretty basic but does the job. I think its the first software you should get for any PDAphone. Don, didn't we mention some backup solutions back when you were having you when you first post about your battery problems... ?

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    Just a plug... I've used JKware's CardBackup for over 2 years with great results (saved my bacon more than once) and it also backs up nightly (actually I have a back up set named weekly that backs up Monday at 0400 and one named daily that backs up all other days at 0400). Works like a charm and its only $12. www.jkware.com
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