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    Post Queries for 7135


    I wanted to know the names of the softwares which do exactly the same job as backdropgc on my 7135. Also should the software be installed on the phone or the sd card ??????

    I have zlauncher in my phone and want to know how to change the background image.

    I have few images in jpeg format in the sd card which I transferred from memory card reader. These pictures are not readable in the palm. Is there a size limitation of pictures like 160x160 and only then will it read from the phone.

    I tried creating ringtones from the ringtone maker and made sure that the name of the file is only 7 characters but still I get an error message that the file is not an palm supported database.

    After creating the ringtone my file name was "Roc Sar.mp3.pdp".

    Please advice.

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    See my response to the private message that you sent me.

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