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Thread: Phone Hangs

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    Red face Phone Hangs


    I have a kyocera 7135 last two days it keeps on hanging. Automatically after some time the phone would not repond to any touch on the screen. I have to then do a hard boot, format the phone to its basic and only then would it start working again. I don't know the reason why this is happening.

    But I want to let you know that this started happening only after I installed the Fast CPU in the phone. I then overclocked the phone to 37mHz. Everything was fine but next day the phone hanged. I then formated the phone are per the instructions given in the reference guide that is press the light button and press the reset button.

    I also made sure that I do not install the software again.

    Ony software that I have installed in my phone are Silver Screen, Energy saver, x master, uninstall hack, rest all I have on my sd card.

    From the SD card I use Backup buddy VFS professional and few games that are available free from Kyocera cd.

    Please let me know about the issue as I have already reformatted the phone atleast 7 times in last 3 Days.


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    I'm not surprised that your phone becomes unstable after installing an accelerator. There are many posts about the phone acting up when accelerated. It really seems to depend on the phone, the firmware version you are running and the other apps you have installed and how they interact with the accelerator. I run FastCPU and do not have any issues. Many have reported better results with Afterburner. Search the forum for Afterburner and you'll find a huge thread on prefered acceleration settings... etc. Hope that helps.
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