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Thread: WAP over 1xRTT?

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    WAP over 1xRTT?

    Ok, so first let me say that I have Verizon service and I have the Network preferences setup so I can dial in over QNC or Express Network (1x), and both connect and work fine for browsing via the EIS browser. I say this so you know that my account is provisioned correctly and my network preferences are setup correctly.

    I do however have a problem with the Mobile Web browser. Unlike with EIS, where you manually pick a connectoid from the network preferences and log in, the Mobile Web browser automatically dials and logs in for you. Which of the connectoids does the Mobile Web browser use? Or does it not use the network preferences at all? I'm asking because if I set up a connectoid by the name of "Web" (which is automatically created after a soft reset) and use the QNC dial string and password and script, the Mobile Web browser works fine. But if I modify the "Web" connectoid do reflect my "Express Network" connectoid (in fact I can duplicate the "Express Network" connectoid and rename it "Web") the Mobile Web browser will not connect. It dials and shows the packet data icon briefly in the status bar on top, but then it goes away and it simply says "Service not available." Does Verizon not allow Mobile Web browsing via the Express Network? Or does my account need to be setup differently to browse the Mobile Web over 1xRTT or am I doing something wrong on the phone? Please help!
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