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    possible to copy Encyclopedia Britannica from MMC to SD?

    I bought the Britannica Enclopedia on MMC card for my 7135, and while I absolutely love the software it is a royal pain to swap cards every time I want to use it. I have a 1 GB SD card also and would like to copy the Britannica from the MMC to the SD card so I can have everything in one place and don't need to worry about having the right card in the phone (or carrying another card with me). But for some reason there's one file on the MMC card that I cannot copy, the card reader simply refuses to read the file in its entirety and eventually Windows complains that the file can't be read. Has anybody successfully done what I'm trying to accomplish? I mean, what were they thinking? Why would anyone want to carry around a bunch of cards, one for each application? Why don't they ship this on CD so you can install it on an existing card? Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I'm sure its the copy protection for the app that's preventing you from cloning it to another CD card. I'll have to get one of those cards one of these days and see what makes it tick.
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