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    Cool newbie here, be gentle...

    Newbie to the forum, to the 7135 and to PDA's....I've always enjoyed comp & tech stuff, just never had the time or opportunities to pursue learning. Anyways, I'm so new I don't even know what hotsync-ing is...stop laughing...I got my 7135 because I own an electrical contracting business and I need so many figures, numbers, names, and notes...I just couldn't keep up with it all with a regular cellphone. Any links for a new guy like me to learn what all I can do with this? Also, what's the deal with the TREO or blackberry...they are obnoxious looking, I like the fact the 7135 is barely bigger than a regular flip phone.

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    Indeed, I chose the 7135 after reviewing both the treo and blackberry. Spend some time reading the FAQ's and the posts, you'll learn a lot very quickly, check the download threads.
    BTW, do you have the software that came with your phone? If so, you'll have a desktop palm application. Hotsyncing is basically matching your palm to the desktop app and vice versa. Making it convenient to store and swap info back and forth between a PC. Also, making and storing MP3's as ring tones is very simple if you have the software and a cradle with the USB connection on it.
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