I have searched the site and find a lot about the StowAway keyboard, but i have been unable to find the difficulty i am having. Perhaps my query skills are lacking....sorry.

Anyhow, i have the keyboard running. With the keyclicks off, it keeps up with my typing well. I can use it just fine.

The difficulty i have is with the driver mappings for the applications. It worked flawlessly on my 6035, but the mappings are fubar on the 7135.

Date works
Phone (address) works
ToDo brings up something else
Memo brings up the EIS browser
Find works
Calc does not work - brings up the phone application


Is there a way around this debacle, i hate to have my stylus out when using the keyboard.

Thanks in advance. Sorry if this is covered somewhere.

PS - i have tried the drivers from the Kyocera-Wireless site and the StowAway site.