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    Using the Useless SD Card

    How do I govern when I install something on the 7135, whether it goes onto the SD Card or onto main memory?

    Is this something I should be trying to do?

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    By default anything you Hotsync to the phone will end up in the main memory-you probably already know that. I try to keep about 4MB free in my main memory. (That was a number that was arrived at by the earlier adopters while playing with thier phones). So with that in mind I ususally put any apps that I only use occasionaly on the card, like games and silly apps. Also some programs seem better suited to running from SD cards than others. For example Mapopolis can be configured to store the maps on the SD card and it copies them to the main ram when you access a map and back when you're done. Likewise some launchers can do the same thing with apps (like ZLauncer). In general I find applications take a little longer to initally load when they are stored on the card. I keep my everyday apps in the main memory. Hope that helps.
    PS: Waddya mean the SD card is useless! I use all the time to store MP3's, pics, and most importantly to backup my 7135! Not to mention I can store docs and utilities that I carry from client to client!
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    I use Quick Install from the Desktop that came with my Zire 31 to put apps, photos, etc. on my 7135. Quick install has two windows, one for things to go into the 7135 RAM and another for the SD card. You can make a choice or do both at the time you set up the install, just prior to the HotSync. MGuzzy is correct when he says the SD card is far from useless. If nothing else, you need the SD card for use with something like BackupBuddy.

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    speaking of the sd card (i won't bother starting a new thread about this...), does anyone know if the 7135 has a size limitation on sd cards? i know some lgs and older smartphones can't read cards larger that 1gb, probably due to the size limitation on the older processors, i guess.

    i was thinking of getting a 2gb card, but wanted to make sure first before spending the $$$...
    yes... i'm a newbie...

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    I seem to remember an old thread that said the 7135 has a 1 gig limit, but that is just hearsay and old memory

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    I "hear" the limit is 2gb

    I am using a 150x 2GB card on mine, just fine.

    Have a GB of MP3s and the rest is saved for my maps for my GPS!!!


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