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    Unhappy Can't get past "tap center of target" screens


    I just got my Kyocera 7135 in the mail today. When I start it up, I'll make it to the "Use stylus to tap center of target" screens and the phone does respond to the tapping by making a noise, but after I get to the screen where I'm to tap "center of target one last time", I hear the noise and expect to be through with it but am returned to the first "tap center of target" screen. I've tried doing a hard reset but I still end up stuck in the same endless loop. Is there any way to fix this? Thanks in advance.
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    That means that the input received from your taps doesn't make any sense and cannot be reconciled. Assuming you're actually tapping it correctly every time, it sounds like the touchscreen digitizer on your phone is defective. Send it back for a replacement.

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